Package 2

Small but powerful

Trusted brands power this package, with its LG Chem battery and hybrid inverter from Australian company Redback.

The energy storage division of LG makes the LG Chem battery – a highly compact, wall-mounted unit with one of the highest energy densities on the market. It’s perfect for compact spaces, quietly powering your home in the background.

  • Battery can continuously deliver a high power output of 4.2kW.
  • Use the Redback web portal or app to take further control of your electricity consumption and usage.
Jinko Solar

Tier 1 Manufacturer

Supplied panels for the ACT Royalla Solar Farm

Eagle module

260W polycrystalline module

10 year product warranty, 25 year performance warranty

LG Chem

Global manufacturer of residential, commercial and utility scale lithium-ion batteries

Trusted brand

6.5kWh energy capacity with 90% Depth of Discharge
4.2kW power output
Incredibly high energy density leads to compact size
Indoor or outdoor rated
Also available in 3.3kWh or 9.8kWh. Expandable through any combination of two batteries
10 year warranty

Based in China with Australian Head Office in Melbourne
Hybrid inverter
Indoor rated
Includes system monitoring
5 year warranty
Smart Control

Reposit Power

Australian company based in Canberra

Reposit Kit

Smart software controls your system to maximise savings


* The above prices are indicative only and may change based on your premises. Additional charges may apply, depending on (but not limited to) back-up capability charges; your roof surface, pitch and access; complex panel arrangements; and other factors. We will visit your house to inspect the area and talk to you about the best system for you, before providing a tailored quote.

Prices include GST and all subsidies and assume a small-scale technology certificate (STC) price of $38. Grid connection fees are not included.