Solar 6.6 Plus

Optimal performance

Trusted brands power this package. This premium package combines industry-leading SMA inverters with Trina panels for exceptional performance.

Trina Solar  
Tier 1 Manufacturer
Honey module  
330W mono crystalline module
10 year product warranty, 25 year performance warranty.
Leading inverter company
SMA Single Phase Inverter
5.0kW module
Includes system monitoring
5 year warranty


The above prices are indicative only and may change based on your premises. Additional charges may apply, depending on (but not limited to) your roof surface, pitch and access; complex panel arrangements; and other factors. We will visit your house to inspect the area and talk to you about the best system for you, before providing a tailored quote.

Prices include GST and STC subsidies. Grid connection fees are not included.