Package 1

Optimal performance, detailed monitoring

Looking for exceptional performance and the greatest control over your usage?

This premium package combines the Tesla Powerwall – a sleek, aesthetically designed battery from one of the most innovative energy brands in the world – with the SolarEdge DC optimiser inverter system to power your home safely and economically.

With the most detailed monitoring data, your tracking and optimisation ability is in a league of its own. Smart Reposit Power software learns how you use your energy and uses its predictive capabilities to make sure you get the most out of your system.

  • Mount the battery indoors or outdoors.
  • Inverter allows individual panel control to maximise performance even when your panels are partly shaded.


Jinko Solar

Tier 1 Manufacturer

Supplied panels for the ACT Royalla Solar Farm

Eagle module

260W polycrystalline module

10 year product warranty, 25 year performance warranty

Tesla Energy

Part of Tesla Motors
Powerwall Daily
6.5kWh energy capacity with 100% Depth of Discharge
3.3kW power output
Sleek aesthetic design
Active temp management
Indoor or outdoor rated
Expandable to up to two units
10 year warranty

Leading DC optimiser inverter companyBased in Israel
StorEdge System with DC Optimisers
Individual panel optimisation leading to better performance
4.6kW output
Back-up capable
Indoor or outdoor rated
Includes detailed system monitoring
Can be installed as a ‘battery ready’ PV inverter
12-25 year warranty
Smart Control

Reposit Power

Australian company based in Canberra

Reposit Kit

Smart software controls your system to maximise savings

* The above prices are indicative only and may change based on your premises. Additional charges may apply, depending on (but not limited to) back-up capability charges; your roof surface, pitch and access; complex panel arrangements; and other factors. We will visit your house to inspect the area and talk to you about the best system for you, before providing a tailored quote.

Prices include GST and all subsidies and assume a small-scale technology certificate (STC) price of $38. Grid connection fees are not included.