Benefits of Home Energy With ITP

Save money

Powering your home with solar energy gives you protection against rising electricity prices and can help you significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Installing a battery with your solar system can cut them even further. Instead of selling your surplus solar electricity back to the electricity grid for low prices, your battery captures it and stores it for future use. And that means you don’t need to buy back high cost electricity from the grid during peak times.

Take control

With our PV and battery systems you can monitor your usage, with access to the times you’re using power from your battery and even which appliances are using it, right down to your kettle. Then you can decide exactly how you want to use your system to optimise its performance, and get further cost saving and sustainability benefits.

As an optional extra, our systems can also continue to provide power to critical loads such as your lights, fridge and router during a blackout.

Live sustainably

Get the peace of mind that you’re consuming electricity in a sustainable way.

Solar energy is renewable, so you’re reducing your use of finite fossil fuels. It’s also a way to reduce your household’s contribution to climate change, because solar power produces no greenhouse gases. When your children or grandchildren ask you what you did about climate change, you can answer that you were among the first to substantially reduce your carbon footprint.