Batteries store the energy produced by your solar system for later use.

Tesla Energy

Part of Tesla Motors

Powerwall Daily

6.4kWh energy capacity with 100% Depth of Discharge

3.3kW power output

Sleek aesthetic design

Indoor or outdoor rated

Expandable to up to two units

10 year warranty

LG Chem

Global manufacturer of residential, commercial and utility scale lithium-ion batteries

Trusted brand


6.5kWh energy capacity with 90% Depth of Discharge

4.2kW power output

Incredibly high energy density leads to compact size

Indoor or outdoor rated

Also available in 3.3kWh or 9.8kWh. Expandable through any combination of two batteries

10 year warranty


Subsidiary of Chinese energy storage technology giant ZTE

Extra2000 Modules

Each module has 2.4kWh energy capacity with 80% Depth of Discharge

Scalable storage can be increased by adding more modules

Up to 4.6kW power output when combined with the SolaX inverter

Indoor rated

10 year warranty